Top Things to Do in London


1.  Big Ben


Take the time to treat yourself to something touristy. Make sure you check the times before you go so you don’t hit a long line! It is also a great photo opportunity. The best photo I
 got was right outside of Westmister Abbey.


2.    St. Pauls Cathedral


This is a beautiful cathedral that also lets you climb to the top of the dome! This is a good photo opportunity for the large London cityscape.


3.     Ride the London Eye


Get another beautiful aerial view of the city! This is a very popular attraction, so make sure you have the time to wait in line. Even though there is a long line, it is worth the wait! It is very comfortable and safe experience. Also, it is the best place to get a photo of yourself in front of the city. I would also recommend researching at the unique things you can do at The Eye.


4.    Churchill Museum


If you are a history buff, this is the place for you. Not only is this museum accurate, but it shows you the history of Churchill rather than just telling you. If you want to learn more about Churchill or want to see what he did as Prime Minister, visit this museum. It doesn’t take too much time!


5.    Go to Kings Cross


This is the Times Square of London. I recommend going in the evening and enjoying live music and drinks. There is a lot of bars and bands that made an enjoyable atmosphere. I happened to be in at Kings Cross on 4th of July, all the bars were excited for the holiday and celebrated, too.


6.    Baker Street


For all of those Sherlock fans out there, you’re welcome. There is the set on Baker street, allowing for a great photo opportunity! This is where you will find the best Sherlock souvenirs and the Baker Street Pub.


7.     See a Theatre Show


When I was in London, I saw Phantom of the Opera. It was incredible, and Your Majesty’s Theatre was a beautiful setting. It has the feeling of a old fashioned theatre. It was my first time seeing Phantom of the Opera, and it is still the best time.

 8 .    Tower of London


This is were the royal jewels are held, and they are a must see. I would make sure you plan when you are going to go to the Tower of London because it is time-consuming event. However, it is worth every minute.


9.    Walk Across Abbey Road


I am a huge Beatles fan. I therefore went to Abbey Road both times I have been to London. It is literally a street, so getting a photo is challenging. The studio is right next to it, and has a wall that you can sign. There are band names on the wall, too. If you want to visit Abbey Road, know that it is a bit out of the way, so set aside the time. Fun Fact: there is a camera on Abbey Road that you can log into online and watch later.


10.  Stone Henge


While there is a lot of speculation on the validity of Stone Henge, either way, it is a really cool view. When I went, I just drove up to that gate and took picture outside of it. I decided to forfeit the tour in order to save time and money. If you just want to see Stone Henge, I recommend doing just doing what I did.


11.    Buy something at Harrods


I chose to buy a sample box of Laduree macarons at Harrods. I enjoy that I can say that
I bought something at Harrods, especially since it was in my budget. Harrods hold mostly luxury items and jewelry. Me and my friends were looking at the engagement rings for fun, and the guy working behind the counter let us try them on! It was a special thing that me and my friends got to do, and it didn’t cost a thing!


12.   Watch the Changing of the Guard


This is a classic thing to do in London. It is a beautiful tradition, and fun to watch. I would get there early to make sure you get a good view!


13.   Buckingham Palace


While you are at the Changing of the Guard, you will see that it takes place in front of Buckingham Palace. This is another classic picture to get to show your friends London!


14.  Westminster Abbey


If you loved Will and Kate’s wedding venue, you will love Westminster Abbey because it’s the same thing! While being an iconic location for the most watched wedding, it is also a beautiful abbey. I remember being in complete awe of the it. It doesn’t even compare to photographs, this is a place you must see in person!