Top Things To Do in Barcelona


La Rambla

If you want good luck in Barcelona, you must drink from the famous Barcelona fountain. It is also believed that if you drink from it, you will come back to Barcelona. While the fountain is located on this La Rambla, there is so much more! It is constantly busy and crowded with street performers. I highly recommend going to see the performers!


La Monumental

This is the location where bullfighting took place up until recently. While you might not see bullfighting here anymore, you definitely will see the Spanish architecture and culture.

La Boqueria

I love taking photographs in markets. This market was one of my favorites based on photographs, energy, and food. The fruits and meats were fresh and tasted amazing! The sellers were incredibly nice, and they were excited to get their photo taken.

Arc de Triomf

This was almost the location of the Eiffel Tower, but now holds a beautiful red arch. Turns out the townspeople thought the Eiffel Tower would be an eye-sore. While this arch is not as well-known as the Eiffel, it does hold a compelling story.

Parc de la Ciutadella

If you have time to spare, I would recommend taking time to relax in this beautiful park. When I went, me and my friends rented a canoe on the lake. It felt straight out of a movie.

Go to the Beach

It is always a good idea to go to a beach…especially in Barcelona.

Barcelona Cathedral

This towering gothic cathedral is a must see. Like other gothic architecture, you don’t see the amount of detail in just the photographs. It is also located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.


Parc Guell

This is where you will get the best photo opportunities in Barcelona. Not only is there vibrant mosaic tiles, there is a beautiful cityscape view. While it cost money to enter, it is worth it!


Learn to Flamenco

One of my favorite things I did in Spain was learn to Flamenco. Not only did this teach me more about the vibrant Spanish culture, it was a priceless experience. I always try and add variety in the way I travel. I don’t just want to overload myself with museums and cathedrals, I want to enjoy unique experiences. If you are like me in this degree, I would highly recommend a Flamenco lesson as a change of pace!

Sagrada Familia

If you go to Barcelona, you must see the Sagrada Familia. It is not only massive, but gorgeous. To give some perspective: I got dizzy looking straight up to the top of it. Gaudi knew what he was doing when he created this masterpiece. However, it is not done. It supposed to be completed and doubled in size by 2030! If you are interested in seeing the construction plans and what it is supposed to looking like, there is a small exhibit located within the church.


Eat Paella and Drink Sangria!

My Travel Bucket List

  • Since today is my birthday, I decided to make a travel wish list. These are the places that I not only wish to visit, but I have a full intention on buying a plane ticket to. I would love to go anywhere in the world, but these are next on my list!


  •        Glasgow, Scotland
  •        Berlin, Germany
  •       Dublin, Ireland
  •       Cork, Ireland
  •       Cologne, Germany
  •       Venice, Italy
  •       Pisa, Italy
  •    Care Town, South Africa
  •        Sydney, Australia
  •        Belize
  •        Grand Canyon, USA
  •        Seatle, WA, USA
  •        Yosemite National Park
  •        Yellow Stone National Park
  •        Vancouver, Canada
  •        Budapest, Hungary
  •        Brussels, Belgium
  •        Amsterdam, Netherlands
  •        Athens, Greece
  •        Santorini, Greece
  •        New Zealand

Let me know if you have any suggestions to add!






The Movie That Feeds My Wanderlust


My favorite movie is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. While it wasn’t a crowd favorite, it appealed to me on three distinct levels. So maybe it wasn’t for everyone, but it made an impact on me.




            The first level is traveling. Not only does he go to incredible places in the movie, he does it in an envious way. I would love to just pack up things and go somewhere on a drop of a dime. Then there are the places where he traveled. I think the movie did a great job putting the viewer in those places. One of my favorite scenes is the long-boarding scene. Where he wraps rocks to his hands, and long boards down a winding road toward the city he needs to get to. I would define that as an experience. That scene puts an image to my passion to travel. I don’t want to travel just to see incredible places, I want to experience them.




            The second level is photography. I have always had a passion for photography. I was planning to major in it in college, but my passion for nonprofits took over. Now, I will graduate with a minor it, but it is still a major thing in my life (had to do it). This movie was not only shot with an artistic vision, but it involved it in the story line. I am a sucker for film photography, and it really sucks that now it is getting completely replaced by digital. However, this movie got me excited because the photographer is set on using film. I guess you can say I aspire to his lifestyle. There’s a scene where he doesn’t want to take a photo because he wants to just remember the moment for himself. I love that even the crazy travel photographer takes time to enjoy the little things. It also doesn’t hurt that when I watched this movie with my friends majoring in art, we couldn’t stop talking about it.




            The third level is the message. The overall message that I got was to not be afraid to experience life. Travel the world. Find a job you can go to for 30 years straight. Do what you want to do, instead of just thinking about it. If that didn’t make me want to travel, I don’t know what will. Sometimes I get the feeling that traveling is unrealistic, but then I remember the timelessness of the memories and experiences I have. It is always worth it.






Benefits of a Travel Journal

            I started to keep a travel journal when it was a part of my grade for study abroad in college. While it was hard to keep up with it while travelling, it is now priceless to me. I have a few suggestions to help (that don’t include getting graded) keep a travel journal.

 1.      Write what you can, when you can.

Take it with you everywhere you go. I would jot down ideas throughout the day in a notebook. At the end of the day, I would write down the details and stories. Find a time that works for you! If you are a morning person, go to a local coffee shop and write.

I love to paint and draw, so when I got tired of writing, I would doodle what I was seeing or experiencing.

2.     Dont feel bad if you dont fill up your journal.

Just because you don’t fill up your journal, doesn’t mean your trip wasn’t fulfilling. I have never filled a journal, but I am filled with stories and memories (hence the blog). To be super cheesy, it’s not how many words you write, but what is in the words you write.

3.     On the plane flight back home, write.

I always write on the plane flight back to make sure that I wrote down what is most important to me. These are things that I want to make sure I don’t forget. I have them in my last section of my journal which makes them easy to find.

Sometimes it is just a list of my favorite things I did. Other times it is a detailed story of a conversation I had with someone.

 4.    Try a blog.    

I created a travel blog when I went to Europe. While this was mostly for my mom, my friends and family could keep up with my experiences I was having. A blog is beneficial for people that prefer typing rather than writing. It also helped me organize my photos with my memories. I could write about an experience and have the photo to compliment it. It is also a good way to keep various people from back home updated.

Here is an excerpt from that blog:

“Day Ate


To begin this blog post, I want to let yall know that I’m in a cafe in Europe writing this entry. I never thought I would ever be able to do this, and I am so pumped right now. anyways..


Yesterday we woke up and met to go to the Eagle’s Nest. There were no birds there. It was super foggy so I couldn’t see any of the remarkable views of the mountains. However, you can still google it if you want to see just how awesome it was. There was also a trail! even though it was raining and kind of slippery, I still went down the trail. (sorry mom). If you know me, you know that I love hiking. Heck I still wish I was back on my week-long hike that I did a couple of years ago. So, needless to say it made me feel alive hiking up and down that short path. I really hope I have that opportunity when I got to Switzerland to hike some more. I got a shot glass for my dad at the eagle’s nest gift shop, and for myself I got some legit socks.


Then for lunch we stopped in this small town where I got BRATWURST! I know my family back home was waiting to hear when I got bratwurst. It was amazing. I know what I’m getting for all the days that I’m in Germany.


Then we got back to the hotel and I headed out with some friends to Fuxn. Its sounds the way you kind of hoped it didn’t and means “fun” in German. No surprise here, I got some more Bratwurst. It was still amazing. I also got their house red wine, which was SUPER good.”

You see, it doesn’t have to make any sense, and can have the worst grammatical errors. The important thing is that I can look back on it and remember what I did and how I felt in those moments.

5.    It is the best souvenir.

While I am a souvenir junkie, I would never give up any of my travel journals. Travel journals last forever, and can put you back into a specific moment. The worst thing a traveler can do is invest in a once in a lifetime journey, and not document it! Find what works for you: vlogs, blogs, journals, photo albums, etc!










First off.

While my about page will give you a short synopsis of why I am starting this blog, I think it is fitting for the first post to help elaborate. I am 21 years old, and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma on December 21, 2016. In all honesty, it hasn’t sunk in. I am now on my third round of chemotherapy, and the boredom has set in. I stay home a lot because my counts are low, but my heart wants to be somewhere else.

That’s why I’m starting this blog. In this blog, I am going back to the multiple countries I have visited. I am going to flamenco in Spain, have lunch with my best friend in Paris, and hold the hand of a beautiful Rwandan child. I hoping that stories and ideas from past travels will evolve into future travels.

I am going to let the posts wander, as I let my mind and feet wander. Some posts will tell stories from previous adventures, others might just give thoughts about travelling in general.