Ways to Travel in Your 20s


I love to travel, and I always try and find the best ways to travel. Don’t let your age stop you from reading this post! I am writings this for everyone, so enjoy!




There are a lot opportunities out there for young adults! So, I narrowed down the list to the most popular and my favorites! Let me know if you want to see information about other opportunities! Since I am 21 years old, I am speaking from my experiences and research! I am always researching this subject for myself and others, so feel free to contact me with your questions and feedback!


            This is great for college students and recent graduates, but it’s open to anyone! With this opportunity, you get to kill two birds with one stone (never liked that analogy, but it is relevant). You not only get experience in your career, but you get to travel! The best ways to get connected with internships are: LinkedIn, the company’s website (usually under careers), and networking.


            My advice with an internship abroad is: enjoy the job and location. I recommend not choosing a location and searching for any available internships. However, on the flipside, don’t be too eager to accept a job if you don’t think you would enjoy the location. Research, research, research. There is going to be a lot of pros and cons with each internship and location. Take the time to hear other people’s experiences in the company, and learn about the location.


 Study Abroad


             This is my jam. I highly recommend doing a study abroad program while you are in college. Not only do you get to get college credit, but you get to see the world with your friends!


            I spent a month in Europe and made the greatest friends (key word: made, because I didn’t know anyone going into it). Me and best friend met during study abroad, and loved travelling the world  so much together, that we are planning our next trip together! I will create another post that will tell more stories of study abroad, but here is a funny one. I went to see the band Pentatonix with the group in Geneva, Switzerland at a music festival. We came two hours early to get good seats (afraid that this wouldn’t be enough time). They were the final act, so we listened to quite a few local bands before Pentatonix was supposed to come out. Before we knew it, it was midnight, and people were taking down the stage. Confused, we walk up to the set list manager, and ask where Pentatonix was. He said, “They were just on.” Uh oh. So, we went to a local music festival and saw Patatonix…but not the Pentatonix that you (and me) were thinking. While it didn’t turn out to be an epic story, it is still one that I love to share, and I would not change a thing about it.


            I also spent two weeks abroad in Rwanda. This was a hybrid of a mission trip and study abroad, but was officially labelled and regarded as a study abroad t. I will talk more about my personal experiences in Rwanda, but check out my blog post “Top Things to do in Rwanda” to see some of the things I was able to be a part of!




 Become an Au Pair


            There are a lot of amazing companies that offer connections with families looking for an Au Pair. I would learn and communicate with the family ahead of time, as much as possible. You want to enjoy the family you are working with, trust me. My friend was an Au Pair in Geneva, Switzerland and worked with a family that could be described in the movie, The Nanny Diaries.        


            Being an Au Pair is a lot of work. Sometimes you don’t get clear set of hours, so you are constantly in your job. I am personally not passionate about kids and babysitting, so I thought being an Au Pair would not be a good fit. However, if you love kids, this is the perfect job for you. Please don’t let my personal preference steer you away from this kind of opportunity. If you been an Au Pair abroad, and would like to share your story on my blog, please contact me!


            Tip: love the place you stay. Take time to see the things around the area you are staying. Look at restaurants, attractions, young adult communities, and places you can travel to if you get time off. If you do something like this during the summer in college, you could connect with friends that are abroad, too!





 Cruise Lines

            Cruises are a unique and fun way to travel, and there are jobs available with them consistently. This is my new research obsession, because I have been considering working on or with a cruise line. I have heard from multiple people that it is a lot of work. However, it is truly rewarding.


            A couple of my roommates in college took a cheap spring break cruise, and loved it. The chose to make it a relaxing and adventurous break from college stresses. Cruises also help with organizing a trip. A cruise has lodging, food, and destinations already planned for you. I went on a cruise in the Baltic Sea with my family, and we to Finland, Sweden, Russia, England, Estonia, and Demark. We could hit the best attractions in in each place with help of ahead-of-time research and the cruise concierge. My favorite place was Helsinki, Finland where I had reindeer meatballs at local market!


            Here are some links to cruise line jobs:         










 Mission Trips


            Mission trips are a great way to learn about a culture, and learn how you can best serve them. Going to a Christian university, I have a lot of connections with people that have gone on a mission trip. I have been on an official mission trip, but it is on the list! If you are connected with a church, inquire about mission trips available. If your church doesn’t a mission trip or one that you can go on, they can connect you with one. Churches will also be able to help you with how to best fundraise which is not only beneficial for a trip, but is helpful for future endeavors as well!


Teaching a Language in Foreign Country


             This involves similar research in becoming an Au Pair. Most cites that involve Au Pair services and connections, include ways to teach languages in different countries. This is fun way to travel, work in a different country, and help people. Also, there is a huge network of people that you get connected with that are doing similar things as you!




How to Prepare for a Long Fight

Photograph taken at Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France.

Long flights can be boring. Here’s some tips to prepare for a long flight. Most of the things on this list could also help with boredom in general! I do some of these things before a long road trip or a chemotherapy treatment. Like most of my posts, utilize it in what best suits you!




So, you have your plane ticket purchased to go to your dream destination. You calculate the time it’s going to take to get to your destination…uh oh. It’s going to be a long flight, but, not to worry. Here are a few things I do to prepare for my flights.




Create a Legit Playlist




            I use Spotify when creating my playlists for flights. Spotify allows you download your playlist, so you can access it offline and save battery. I recommend starting your playlist and download it at least a day in advance. Once, I started downloading my playlist 30 minutes before my flight, and it made me more stressed than I already was! If you are going on a 6 hour or more flight, I recommend around 300 songs on your playlist. If you don’t have enough songs on your playlist, there is a good chance you are going to hate those songs by the end of your trip. However, too many songs could cause you to skip songs more than listening to them.


            Another encouragement is to tailor it to your trip. I love listening to my Africa playlist because it reminds me of the fun times I had in Rwanda.








Plan Your Outfit




            There are two things you need to plan for your outfit: comfort and warmth. You get the privilege of spending way too many hours in this outfit, so make it comfortable. Some people say you should look a certain way on a plane. I say, wear what you want to wear, you probably won’t see most of those people again. Comfort should include layers for warmth. I always bring a jacket so that I could regulate my temperature better.


            Don’t forget (because I have so many times) this outfit becomes an outfit on your trip. So, when you are packing, include your plane outfit with your other outfits. Pro tip: make sure the layers you are bringing on the plane work with other outfits you are bringing in your suitcase. Layers become your best friend for long trips!




Snacks, Snacks, Snacks.




            I don’t know if anyone’s told you, but calories don’t count on a plane. Okay, this might not be a hundred percent true, but treat yourself. I love getting cashews, granola bars, and chocolate treats. Granola bars also come in handy throughout your trip to as a snack. Sometimes you get so caught up in exploring that you forget to eat. I haven’t had this happen to me personally, but I have heard stories.




Download Movies




            A lot of planes for long flights have movies already offered. I suggest watching those first. This summer, I flew from Rwanda to Houston with a connecting fight in Amsterdam. I started the movie Fathers and Daughters at the end of the first flight with my friend, and the movie didn’t show up on the second flight! I waited a month to finish the last fifteen minutes. All that to say, browse the movies when you get on the flight, and if you don’t like what you see, it is nice to have a few movies already downloaded for backup.




Add a Few Free Game Apps




            I tend to fill my time playing Solitaire or Sudoku on my phone while listening to music. Before your flight, I suggest adding a few games that work offline. Don’t add too many games because it might slow down your phone. I also like to use some flight time to learn about new apps.


            If you are a blogger, I recommend brainstorming what you’re going to write about throughout the trip and maybe write a few blogs to have on hand. You can never have too many saved blog posts!  








            Hydrate before you dydrate. Going to Italy, I was not aware of importance of hydration. When I didn’t drink water, my feet swelled to about twice the size. This is a product of dehydration (my body decided to retain water in my stubby toes) and not moving around on the plane. Get up at least every 2 hours and move around, but the more you move, the better you will feel! Even though you are on vacation, your health is still important. I suggest bringing an empty water bottle with filter in your carry on. When you get through all of security, you can fill it up at your gate.




Sanitizers and Wipes




            While we are on a roll with health, don’t get sick. Airplanes have a lot germs, so bring wipes to wipe down your seat tray and remote. You might look like a germaphobe, but you won’t be getting sick. Also, who cares what people think! Hand sanitizer is a must, too! Going throughout the airport you touch a lot of things, and you don’t know who and how many people touched it. Tip: take Emergen-e or other vitamin C supplements to help prevent getting sick as well.




Sleeping Masks, Pillows, and Blankets




            Find what makes you comfortable, and know when is the best time to sleep. Don’t just sleep on the flight when you are tired. This could cause bad jet lag. Tip: Sleep when the place you are going is sleeping, and for sure stay awake when they are awake.


            Sleeping masks, pillows, and blankets can help make you plane flight more comfortable. Most planes will give you a blanket on your flight, so bringing a blanket would be your preference. I personally don’t bring a blanket anymore because it saves a lot of space and hassle.  




Invest in Headphones that Work for You




            Don’t forget headphones! Headphones are going to be more expensive in the airport than at a place like Amazon.com. Do research and weigh the benefits of different aspects such as: noise-cancelling, wireless, colors, etc. I would pause before buying the least expensive headphones before your flight. I have bought headphones for around $10, and no matter the brand, they end up physically breaking or just stop working. However, on the flip side, an expensive pair of headphones aren’t guaranteed to have everything you want. When I researched headphones, I found that some of the more expensive headphones lack what I wanted. If you find yourself traveling often, headphones can make or break your experience on your flight. Don’t underestimate this decision like I did!  




Charge while You are Waiting to Board




            Don’t forget to charge your electronics before you get on a plane! Business class and newer planes usually have outlets (mostly in the form of a USB port). However, it’s better to be as prepared as possible before getting on the plane.




Make Sure You Know Where Your Valuables Are Always




            If you are bringing valuables on the plane, consider a lock for your carry-on luggage. On top of having locks on your luggage, know where your valuables are in your luggage. I always designate a specific pocket in my carry-on that is for my passport. Because of this, I know where it is and can access it quickly.







Top Things To Do in Rwanda


Visit Musanze

Musanze is the best place to visit to go Gorilla Trekking. It is has very beautiful views of the thousand hills of Rwanda. Just over the hills in the photo below is Uganda.


Gorilla Trekking

This is a once in the lifetime opportunity that I highly recommend. Rwanda is very well known for their gorillas, so you will be able to find a lot of information and testimonies about it. I made the mistake of not going gorilla trekking. However, people in the group I was with did go on the trek. They said they were led through a jungle with a guide. The guides know exactly where the gorillas are, so they will guide right up to them!

Inema Arts

This place is the best. That is not an exaggeration. Not only is there beautiful art everywhere you look in this gallery, but it also has an amazing café. I got to know the artists and owners in the short time I was there and have kept in touch since! A truly incredible experience!



Meze Fresh

While it is important to go to the traditional Rwandan buffets, I recommend trying this restaurant in your trip. If you like Chipotle, this restaurant is very similar. It sells burritos that you can customize to your liking. I recommend adding the garbanzo beans.


Belgian Memorial

The Belgian Memorial is a memorial for the Belgian Soldiers that were killed in the Genocide. There is the original building and holes from the genocide. There is also a part of the memorial that explains what specifically happen there.

Hotel des Mille Collines

Known to most tourist as Hotel Rwanda, this is the hotel that kept people during the genocide. It is also has the original pool that provided water to multiple people. This place was a safe haven for many people, and is important to recognize it as such.

Go to a Coffee Plant

When I was in Rwanda, I toured Rwanda Trading Company. It is a coffee factory that produces Rwandan coffee. It started in Little Rock, Arkansas and has grown into a major supplier of Rwandan Coffee. It can be found by going to Westrock Coffee’s website. I also got the opportunity to tour a coffee field, where people sort through the beans. This is where I got my favorite souvenir; a burlap coffee bag with the logo on it.



Go to the Market

If you want to share Rwanda with your friends, get them a handmade souvenir from the market! I got so of my favorite items such as: Kitenge jacket, wood carvings, and the classic Rwandan baskets.

Go to a Tea Field

I went to Sorwathe tea factory, and it was incredible. Right when we got out of the car, we smelled the tea in the air. We went on a tour throughout the factory that went through each step of their tea process. At the end of the tour, we did my favorite thing, we drank some! We were able to drink a sample of all their teas, and Silver Tips was a crowd favorite.



Rwandan Genocide Memorial

Rwanda has a tragic history, and this memorial displays it incredibly well. This is the memorial that recognizes and honors the people that died in the 1994 genocide. Before going to Rwanda and this memorial, learn about the genocide. The genocide was a major tragedy in a beautiful country.
It is important to recognize the tragic history of Rwanda. It is also important to watch Rwanda grow in beauty and strength each day.