Thoughts From a Cathedral in Vienna

Almost two years ago, I went on an amazing month-long trip to Europe. After writing my blog post about the benefits of a travel journal, I decided to reread the ones I have created. I came across an entry about St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna, Austria. I thought it was worth sharing, and it helps explain my heart and passion behind travelling. enjoy.

“Yesterday I went to St. Stephen’s cathedral for church. Yep it was Sunday. The service was in Latin or German, I still do not know which. It was a truly beautiful Romanesque building. I know this because my Art History professor told me to memorize every era of architecture all the way down to each part of a doric column. Once I got through naming all the parts of the building in my head, I started thinking about the people that have been in that church. I would look up at the ribbed vaulted ceilings and think of the people who looked up at the same ceilings and thought about God. They found hope in this church, and they found God. Being in a service put me back in a time when you needed those ceilings and the ornate architecture to get through the day. To get through to God. There was also a homeless man there. Yes, he looked up at the ceiling, but he also sang with immense faith. It’s fun to see famous people sing on stage, but I would trade anything to see a homeless man worship. I guess that moment is what makes me want to create a nonprofit, to see people with hope.”

I will be posting tomorrow about Vienna, Austria to compliment this post!