Top Things To Do in Barcelona


La Rambla

If you want good luck in Barcelona, you must drink from the famous Barcelona fountain. It is also believed that if you drink from it, you will come back to Barcelona. While the fountain is located on this La Rambla, there is so much more! It is constantly busy and crowded with street performers. I highly recommend going to see the performers!


La Monumental

This is the location where bullfighting took place up until recently. While you might not see bullfighting here anymore, you definitely will see the Spanish architecture and culture.

La Boqueria

I love taking photographs in markets. This market was one of my favorites based on photographs, energy, and food. The fruits and meats were fresh and tasted amazing! The sellers were incredibly nice, and they were excited to get their photo taken.

Arc de Triomf

This was almost the location of the Eiffel Tower, but now holds a beautiful red arch. Turns out the townspeople thought the Eiffel Tower would be an eye-sore. While this arch is not as well-known as the Eiffel, it does hold a compelling story.

Parc de la Ciutadella

If you have time to spare, I would recommend taking time to relax in this beautiful park. When I went, me and my friends rented a canoe on the lake. It felt straight out of a movie.

Go to the Beach

It is always a good idea to go to a beach…especially in Barcelona.

Barcelona Cathedral

This towering gothic cathedral is a must see. Like other gothic architecture, you don’t see the amount of detail in just the photographs. It is also located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.


Parc Guell

This is where you will get the best photo opportunities in Barcelona. Not only is there vibrant mosaic tiles, there is a beautiful cityscape view. While it cost money to enter, it is worth it!


Learn to Flamenco

One of my favorite things I did in Spain was learn to Flamenco. Not only did this teach me more about the vibrant Spanish culture, it was a priceless experience. I always try and add variety in the way I travel. I don’t just want to overload myself with museums and cathedrals, I want to enjoy unique experiences. If you are like me in this degree, I would highly recommend a Flamenco lesson as a change of pace!

Sagrada Familia

If you go to Barcelona, you must see the Sagrada Familia. It is not only massive, but gorgeous. To give some perspective: I got dizzy looking straight up to the top of it. Gaudi knew what he was doing when he created this masterpiece. However, it is not done. It supposed to be completed and doubled in size by 2030! If you are interested in seeing the construction plans and what it is supposed to looking like, there is a small exhibit located within the church.


Eat Paella and Drink Sangria!

My Travel Bucket List

  • Since today is my birthday, I decided to make a travel wish list. These are the places that I not only wish to visit, but I have a full intention on buying a plane ticket to. I would love to go anywhere in the world, but these are next on my list!


  •        Glasgow, Scotland
  •        Berlin, Germany
  •       Dublin, Ireland
  •       Cork, Ireland
  •       Cologne, Germany
  •       Venice, Italy
  •       Pisa, Italy
  •    Care Town, South Africa
  •        Sydney, Australia
  •        Belize
  •        Grand Canyon, USA
  •        Seatle, WA, USA
  •        Yosemite National Park
  •        Yellow Stone National Park
  •        Vancouver, Canada
  •        Budapest, Hungary
  •        Brussels, Belgium
  •        Amsterdam, Netherlands
  •        Athens, Greece
  •        Santorini, Greece
  •        New Zealand

Let me know if you have any suggestions to add!






Top Things To Do in Geneva


  1. Visit the United Nations

When I went to the United Nations during study abroad, we were able to tour the building. It was incredible the amount of countries and languages that interact in this building. While it is ideal to tour the building, the outside is a must-see, as well. Not only is there the rows of all the flags, but there is the Broken Chair memorial. The Broken Chair is a giant chair (39 feet high) with a leg missing. It was created in opposition to land mines, and is owned by Handicap International.


  1. International Monument de la Reformation (Reformation Wall)

This is a monument that represents key figures in the Protestant Reformation.

  1. St. Peter’s Cathedral

I recommend climbing the tower in St. Peter’s Cathedral because you not only get a beautiful view of Geneva, you get to see the detail of the Cathedral up close. It amazes me that not only were the architects intricate on the ground level (where people will see it), but there is an incredible attention to detail all the way to the top.

  1. Jet d’Eau (Water Jet)

This is Europe’s tallest fountain that blasts 132 gallons over 450 feet in the air! I would recommend walking up to the fountain. On a sunny day, me and my friends grabbed some gelato, walked down the rock path, and found a place to sit and hang out for a while. It is important to take time to enjoy the place you are at!


  1. Go Paddle Boating on Lake Geneva

This was my favorite thing I did in Geneva! Me and my friend rented a paddle boat and spent, what felt like hours, on Lake Geneva. We could see beautiful views, talk about life, and relax. I remember we found a bottle floating in the water, so we put a message that said, “Greetings from Texas” in it. We remembered shortly after that we were in a lake and not an ocean, so whoever found the message might be confused. We also listened to “I Want to Feel Alive” by The Lighthouse and The Whaler. It is a song that transports me back to that moment every time I listen to it. Also, it is a great song.

  1. Shop in Old Town

Geneva is super fancy. So, if you want to feel just as fancy, Old Town is the place to shop. Here is where a shopper would find the luxurious (out of my price range) shops. Although, it doesn’t hurt to look. There are great cafes for lunch in this area, too!

  1. The Flower Clock

If you find a postcard for Geneva, chances are it has the Water Jet or Flower Clock on it. So, while it isn’t something to do, it is something to see. So, put on your touristy outfit and check it out!

  1. The First Red Cross

I wasn’t able to tour this place due to time, but I was able to see it. It is incredible what the Red Cross does, and was special to see where it originated. I was able to see it when I was going to the United Nations.



Top Things To Do in Boston


Me and my family love to take family vacations to Cape Cod. On our way in and out of Cape Cod, we love to spend a few days in Boston. That’s is why I am excited to share some of my favorite things that I have done over the years in Boston, Massachusetts. Also, most of these things are FREE!


Walk the Freedom Trail


            This is the first free thing on this magnificent list. If you are a history buff, you will find some amazing historic views on this 2.5-mile walk. You are bound to not get lost on the trail because it is a brick path that says “Freedom Trail” on it. This was very helpful for my dad. On this trail, you will find the Paul Revere House!


Boston Commons


            This is a beautiful city park in Boston. Making an appearance in Jimmy Fallon’s movie, Fever Pitch, this park is a great place to sit and relax. If you want to take a break from all the tourism Boston has to offer, this is the place to go. You can sit on a bench and people watch (my favorite) or even have a nice picnic (my actual favorite because…food).


Go to Cheers


            Okay, I will be honest, I haven’t been able to completely enjoy Cheers because I have only been 21 for a year now. Seeing it was fun, but this is the first thing on my bucket list when I go back to Boston. Cheers was a popular show that I grew up watching with the fam, so it holds a special place in my heart.


Eat a Bowl of Clam Chowder


            The fact that I loved Boston was incredible because I don’t like seafood. However, I love New England Clam Chowder at a true Boston restaurant. If you are going to get a cup of chowder, find your own hole-in-the-wall place and enjoy. Some of my suggestions that serve delicious New England Clam Chowder are Legal Seafood and Jimmy’s.


Faneuil Hall Marketplace


            If you are a food buff, you’re welcome. Faneuil Hall has three different markets in one location. This is a fun market to get groceries, but since me and my family only visit for a couple of days, we grab lunch here. This is also a place to go if you can’t decide what you want to eat. Instead of having the “I don’t know…what you want?” argument, go to the place that has everything. This has local pizza, soups, salad, sandwiches, Boston classics, and so much more. Tip: the seating can be hard come by with big groups. My advice is split up or take shifts saving spots and getting food.


Go to a Red Sox Game at Fenway Park


            Whether you are a Red Sox fan or not, Fenway park is a must do in Boston! There are so many traditions such as singing Sweet Caroline and the Green Monster. I went when the Red Sox were playing the Yankees, and it was a once in a lifetime experience. Being a long-standing rivalry, there was a lot of tension in the stands (especially after the game…). I am not a huge sports fan, but it was amazing being a part of the passion in Fenway Park.


New England Aquarium


            This is something the whole family can enjoy. The New England Aquarium is located on the pier and includes many exotic sea creatures. There are multiple types of passes and exhibits to fit your personal preferences and schedule. My personal favorite was the Atlantic Harbor Seals Exhibit!


Bunker Hill Monument


            Another piece of history to dive into is the Bunker Hill Monument. I went with my dad and sister. The monument has a total of 294 steps to climb to the top. One of the funniest memories is when we finished going up the monument and were leaving. My dad looked back at the monument and said, “It didn’t look that big when we first came!” It is a lot of steps, so wear something comfortable (especially comfortable shoes). I still wear my Bunker Hill shirt from time to time to remember my time in Boston.


Go on a Ghost Tour


            This is a unique and fun way to tour Boston. My family and I went on a historic ghost tour at night. We wanted a tour that was playful and explored downtown Boston. There are a lot of ghost tours offered in Boston, so you can find something that fits your style. There are family friendly ones (like the one I went on) and there are more scary ones as well. Take time to see what’s all available!

Top Things To Do in Rwanda


Visit Musanze

Musanze is the best place to visit to go Gorilla Trekking. It is has very beautiful views of the thousand hills of Rwanda. Just over the hills in the photo below is Uganda.


Gorilla Trekking

This is a once in the lifetime opportunity that I highly recommend. Rwanda is very well known for their gorillas, so you will be able to find a lot of information and testimonies about it. I made the mistake of not going gorilla trekking. However, people in the group I was with did go on the trek. They said they were led through a jungle with a guide. The guides know exactly where the gorillas are, so they will guide right up to them!

Inema Arts

This place is the best. That is not an exaggeration. Not only is there beautiful art everywhere you look in this gallery, but it also has an amazing café. I got to know the artists and owners in the short time I was there and have kept in touch since! A truly incredible experience!


Meze Fresh

While it is important to go to the traditional Rwandan buffets, I recommend trying this restaurant in your trip. If you like Chipotle, this restaurant is very similar. It sells burritos that you can customize to your liking. I recommend adding the garbanzo beans.

Belgian Memorial

The Belgian Memorial is a memorial for the Belgian Soldiers that were killed in the Genocide. There is the original building and holes from the genocide. There is also a part of the memorial that explains what specifically happen there.

Hotel des Mille Collines

Known to most tourist as Hotel Rwanda, this is the hotel that kept people during the genocide. It is also has the original pool that provided water to multiple people. This place was a safe haven for many people, and is important to recognize it as such.

Go to a Coffee Plant

When I was in Rwanda, I toured Rwanda Trading Company. It is a coffee factory that produces Rwandan coffee. It started in Little Rock, Arkansas and has grown into a major supplier of Rwandan Coffee. It can be found by going to Westrock Coffee’s website. I also got the opportunity to tour a coffee field, where people sort through the beans. This is where I got my favorite souvenir; a burlap coffee bag with the logo on it.


Go to the Market

If you want to share Rwanda with your friends, get them a handmade souvenir from the market! I got so of my favorite items such as: Kitenge jacket, wood carvings, and the classic Rwandan baskets.

Go to a Tea Field

I went to Sorwathe tea factory, and it was incredible. Right when we got out of the car, we smelled the tea in the air. We went on a tour throughout the factory that went through each step of their tea process. At the end of the tour, we did my favorite thing, we drank some! We were able to drink a sample of all their teas, and Silver Tips was a crowd favorite.


Rwandan Genocide Memorial

Rwanda has a tragic history, and this memorial displays it incredibly well. This is the memorial that recognizes and honors the people that died in the 1994 genocide. Before going to Rwanda and this memorial, learn about the genocide. The genocide was a major tragedy in a beautiful country.
It is important to recognize the tragic history of Rwanda. It is also important to watch Rwanda grow in beauty and strength each day.

Interlaken in a Day


If you only had one chance, one opportunity…or one day in Interlaken, would you take it?

Interlaken, Switzerland


This is my favorite place because it matched my interests perfectly. I only got to spend a day here, but it was one of the best days of my life.

Interlaken is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies. This is the place to go skydiving, canyoning, paragliding, kayaking, hiking, etc. I would have been happy to do all these things, and maybe one day I will. However, I chose to go canyoning, hiking, and paragliding with my limited time and money.


Canyoning is incredibly intense. You repel down into a canyon and walk through rapid waters and big rocks. There are parts of the canyon you must cliff jump in order to get to the next part. I would highly recommend canyoning and I personally will do it again!


I did a modified hike due to time, and hiked/climbed the Trummelbach Falls. This was a unique experience because you are literally climbing up with the waterfall. This was a great photo opportunity of the Alps!


I also went paragliding. This was awesome not only because I was paragliding, but I was paragliding over Interlaken and the Alps. Fun fact that I haven’t let people know about me: I’m terrified of heights. Yet I love peaking a mountain, cliff jumping, and hanging out on rooftops. Honestly, paragliding probably pushed my fear to a limit. During the ride up to the place we were taking off, I was calm and ready to change my life. Also, if you want to go paragliding, the Alps are where to do it. We got to the slope that we were going to run off , and I met my pilot. He was tall. Which was good because I thought I might have to land on him. To paraglide, you are strapped in a huge harness and then you run off a cliff. But if your friends run off a cliff, wouldn’t you? Just kidding. The parachute will catch air and you are lifted before you even hit the end of the cliff. Then you are in the air for 20 ish minutes. About ten minutes into the adventure, my guide said, “Wait, sit back a little more.” Sitting back was a lot harder than it sounds. In the middle of clouds, I sat back and moved about a foot. Turns out I wasn’t really sitting down the first ten minutes of paragliding. I don’t know if that makes me more hard core since I wasn’t aware I was doing it.

Then me guide asked me if I wanted to do the rollercoaster. I already said yes to paragliding, so I might as well go all out, right? Another recommendation from me: do not eat a caesar salad before paragliding, and if you do, don’t agree to a “rollercoaster”. I immediately got nauseous and begrudgingly asked to land. Turns out we were about to be done anyway, so I didn’t lose any money or time asking to get down.


When we were on the ground, I thought that would be a good time to ask my guide his level of experience. Better late than never! Turns out he won second in the world for paragliding that year.

If you don’t experience God in some form while paragliding, you probably aren’t paragliding. The world seems so small and you’re just sitting on top of it.  

A Note

So, if you find an opportunity to be in Interlaken, take it. They have a nice hostel and shopping, as well as fun adventures!

Happy travels!

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Top Things to Do in London


1.  Big Ben


Take the time to treat yourself to something touristy. Make sure you check the times before you go so you don’t hit a long line! It is also a great photo opportunity. The best photo I
 got was right outside of Westmister Abbey.


2.    St. Pauls Cathedral


This is a beautiful cathedral that also lets you climb to the top of the dome! This is a good photo opportunity for the large London cityscape.


3.     Ride the London Eye


Get another beautiful aerial view of the city! This is a very popular attraction, so make sure you have the time to wait in line. Even though there is a long line, it is worth the wait! It is very comfortable and safe experience. Also, it is the best place to get a photo of yourself in front of the city. I would also recommend researching at the unique things you can do at The Eye.


4.    Churchill Museum


If you are a history buff, this is the place for you. Not only is this museum accurate, but it shows you the history of Churchill rather than just telling you. If you want to learn more about Churchill or want to see what he did as Prime Minister, visit this museum. It doesn’t take too much time!


5.    Go to Kings Cross


This is the Times Square of London. I recommend going in the evening and enjoying live music and drinks. There is a lot of bars and bands that made an enjoyable atmosphere. I happened to be in at Kings Cross on 4th of July, all the bars were excited for the holiday and celebrated, too.


6.    Baker Street


For all of those Sherlock fans out there, you’re welcome. There is the set on Baker street, allowing for a great photo opportunity! This is where you will find the best Sherlock souvenirs and the Baker Street Pub.


7.     See a Theatre Show


When I was in London, I saw Phantom of the Opera. It was incredible, and Your Majesty’s Theatre was a beautiful setting. It has the feeling of a old fashioned theatre. It was my first time seeing Phantom of the Opera, and it is still the best time.

 8 .    Tower of London


This is were the royal jewels are held, and they are a must see. I would make sure you plan when you are going to go to the Tower of London because it is time-consuming event. However, it is worth every minute.


9.    Walk Across Abbey Road


I am a huge Beatles fan. I therefore went to Abbey Road both times I have been to London. It is literally a street, so getting a photo is challenging. The studio is right next to it, and has a wall that you can sign. There are band names on the wall, too. If you want to visit Abbey Road, know that it is a bit out of the way, so set aside the time. Fun Fact: there is a camera on Abbey Road that you can log into online and watch later.


10.  Stone Henge


While there is a lot of speculation on the validity of Stone Henge, either way, it is a really cool view. When I went, I just drove up to that gate and took picture outside of it. I decided to forfeit the tour in order to save time and money. If you just want to see Stone Henge, I recommend doing just doing what I did.


11.    Buy something at Harrods


I chose to buy a sample box of Laduree macarons at Harrods. I enjoy that I can say that
I bought something at Harrods, especially since it was in my budget. Harrods hold mostly luxury items and jewelry. Me and my friends were looking at the engagement rings for fun, and the guy working behind the counter let us try them on! It was a special thing that me and my friends got to do, and it didn’t cost a thing!


12.   Watch the Changing of the Guard


This is a classic thing to do in London. It is a beautiful tradition, and fun to watch. I would get there early to make sure you get a good view!


13.   Buckingham Palace


While you are at the Changing of the Guard, you will see that it takes place in front of Buckingham Palace. This is another classic picture to get to show your friends London!


14.  Westminster Abbey


If you loved Will and Kate’s wedding venue, you will love Westminster Abbey because it’s the same thing! While being an iconic location for the most watched wedding, it is also a beautiful abbey. I remember being in complete awe of the it. It doesn’t even compare to photographs, this is a place you must see in person!