Top Things To Do in Geneva


  1. Visit the United Nations

When I went to the United Nations during study abroad, we were able to tour the building. It was incredible the amount of countries and languages that interact in this building. While it is ideal to tour the building, the outside is a must-see, as well. Not only is there the rows of all the flags, but there is the Broken Chair memorial. The Broken Chair is a giant chair (39 feet high) with a leg missing. It was created in opposition to land mines, and is owned by Handicap International.


  1. International Monument de la Reformation (Reformation Wall)

This is a monument that represents key figures in the Protestant Reformation.

  1. St. Peter’s Cathedral

I recommend climbing the tower in St. Peter’s Cathedral because you not only get a beautiful view of Geneva, you get to see the detail of the Cathedral up close. It amazes me that not only were the architects intricate on the ground level (where people will see it), but there is an incredible attention to detail all the way to the top.

  1. Jet d’Eau (Water Jet)

This is Europe’s tallest fountain that blasts 132 gallons over 450 feet in the air! I would recommend walking up to the fountain. On a sunny day, me and my friends grabbed some gelato, walked down the rock path, and found a place to sit and hang out for a while. It is important to take time to enjoy the place you are at!


  1. Go Paddle Boating on Lake Geneva

This was my favorite thing I did in Geneva! Me and my friend rented a paddle boat and spent, what felt like hours, on Lake Geneva. We could see beautiful views, talk about life, and relax. I remember we found a bottle floating in the water, so we put a message that said, “Greetings from Texas” in it. We remembered shortly after that we were in a lake and not an ocean, so whoever found the message might be confused. We also listened to “I Want to Feel Alive” by The Lighthouse and The Whaler. It is a song that transports me back to that moment every time I listen to it. Also, it is a great song.

  1. Shop in Old Town

Geneva is super fancy. So, if you want to feel just as fancy, Old Town is the place to shop. Here is where a shopper would find the luxurious (out of my price range) shops. Although, it doesn’t hurt to look. There are great cafes for lunch in this area, too!

  1. The Flower Clock

If you find a postcard for Geneva, chances are it has the Water Jet or Flower Clock on it. So, while it isn’t something to do, it is something to see. So, put on your touristy outfit and check it out!

  1. The First Red Cross

I wasn’t able to tour this place due to time, but I was able to see it. It is incredible what the Red Cross does, and was special to see where it originated. I was able to see it when I was going to the United Nations.



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