Interlaken in a Day


If you only had one chance, one opportunity…or one day in Interlaken, would you take it?

Interlaken, Switzerland


This is my favorite place because it matched my interests perfectly. I only got to spend a day here, but it was one of the best days of my life.

Interlaken is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies. This is the place to go skydiving, canyoning, paragliding, kayaking, hiking, etc. I would have been happy to do all these things, and maybe one day I will. However, I chose to go canyoning, hiking, and paragliding with my limited time and money.


Canyoning is incredibly intense. You repel down into a canyon and walk through rapid waters and big rocks. There are parts of the canyon you must cliff jump in order to get to the next part. I would highly recommend canyoning and I personally will do it again!


I did a modified hike due to time, and hiked/climbed the Trummelbach Falls. This was a unique experience because you are literally climbing up with the waterfall. This was a great photo opportunity of the Alps!


I also went paragliding. This was awesome not only because I was paragliding, but I was paragliding over Interlaken and the Alps. Fun fact that I haven’t let people know about me: I’m terrified of heights. Yet I love peaking a mountain, cliff jumping, and hanging out on rooftops. Honestly, paragliding probably pushed my fear to a limit. During the ride up to the place we were taking off, I was calm and ready to change my life. Also, if you want to go paragliding, the Alps are where to do it. We got to the slope that we were going to run off , and I met my pilot. He was tall. Which was good because I thought I might have to land on him. To paraglide, you are strapped in a huge harness and then you run off a cliff. But if your friends run off a cliff, wouldn’t you? Just kidding. The parachute will catch air and you are lifted before you even hit the end of the cliff. Then you are in the air for 20 ish minutes. About ten minutes into the adventure, my guide said, “Wait, sit back a little more.” Sitting back was a lot harder than it sounds. In the middle of clouds, I sat back and moved about a foot. Turns out I wasn’t really sitting down the first ten minutes of paragliding. I don’t know if that makes me more hard core since I wasn’t aware I was doing it.

Then me guide asked me if I wanted to do the rollercoaster. I already said yes to paragliding, so I might as well go all out, right? Another recommendation from me: do not eat a caesar salad before paragliding, and if you do, don’t agree to a “rollercoaster”. I immediately got nauseous and begrudgingly asked to land. Turns out we were about to be done anyway, so I didn’t lose any money or time asking to get down.


When we were on the ground, I thought that would be a good time to ask my guide his level of experience. Better late than never! Turns out he won second in the world for paragliding that year.

If you don’t experience God in some form while paragliding, you probably aren’t paragliding. The world seems so small and you’re just sitting on top of it.  

A Note

So, if you find an opportunity to be in Interlaken, take it. They have a nice hostel and shopping, as well as fun adventures!

Happy travels!

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