Paris Bucket List


1.     Eat at Café Angelina


Café Angelina is my favorite restaurant in the world. I highly recommend the Caesar Salad. I know what you’re thinking: you’re recommending that?! To which I must say, it was extraordinary. I have been to Paris two times in my life so far. The first time, I went to Café Angelina because supposedly Audrey Hepburn frequented there. I have yet to make sure this is accurate because the waiter looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him. I love my meal here so much, that I made it my number one priority when I went back to Paris a year later. Other things Café Angelina is famous for is their iced tea, hot chocolate, and desserts. If you are looking for souvenirs, they sell tins of loose leaf tea and the hot chocolate.


Another recommendation is to go with either one or two other people, not more. The second time I went to Café Angelina, I went with my best friend. We blended in with the regulars (or at least that is how I felt). The atmosphere is elegant, so have fun dressing up!


2.     Buy a book at Shakespeare and Co.


Since my last visit to Paris, they have opened a café right next to this unique bookstore. Before you go, I recommend you look up some of the history behind the store. There have been many writers, such as Ernest Hemingway that attended the bookstore. If you have time to kill, it also has fun reading nooks on the second floor that you can sit and stay for a while. The location is right next to the Pont Neuf across from the Notre Dame.


3.     Climb the Eiffel Tower


This is an obvious one. Be careful around the Eiffel Tower because there are large crowds and many pick pocketers. I would make this the first thing you do in the day if you want to go to the top. If the top isn’t a priority for you, definitely take the time to go to the second level.


4.     Picnic at the Eiffel Tower


This is one of my favorite memories in Paris. Me and my family went to a local market and bought cheese, baguette, and wine. We then took our goodies to a patch of grass in front of the Eiffel tower and enjoyed a relaxing picnic.


5.     Service at Notre Dame


I try and visit churches around the world when I am travelling. I couldn’t understand the service that I went to, but experience was more that understanding the language of the sermon. I couldn’t help but look around and take in the beauty of the architecture. So many people have look at those same walls and found hope.


6.     Musee D’Orsay


This museum is unique in the amount of impressionistic art that it holds. When I went, they had a special exhibition for Van Gogh. There was pieces of his artwork from museums all around the world. I would research to see if there is any unique exhibitions when you go.


7.     The Louvre


The Louvre is a major thing for tourist. Make sure to see Mona Lisa, Venus De Milo, The Captive, Napoleon’s Apartment, etc. Here is a couple of tips. The first time you go, have a tour guide. This will ensure good information and you can make sure you see the highlights. Another tip is to go on Wednesday evenings. Most people don’t know it is open later, so you get to avoid the lines and crowds!


8.     Take a bike tour


I recommend Fat Tire Bike Tour. We were able to see all the major sights and even take a break in the Tuileries. It was a once in a lifetime feeling to feel the wind blowing through your hair as you pass the Chateaus in France.


9.     Climb the Sacre Coeur


This area of Paris has many opportunities for photographs of cityscapes. Not only does the top of the basilica have a great view, but it has so much history. The first time I climbed to the top, we asked an older couple to take a photo of us. The man was not sure how to use the GoPro, so he accidently to a selfie. We now have a photo of a random man at the top of the Sacre Coeur in France.


10.  Place a lock on Pont Neuf


While it is now frowned upon to put locks on bridge, I would take a chance. You can get a lock from any souvenir store near the bridge or bring one from home. Fun Fact: the locks add too much weight and are not good for the bridge, so they periodically cut off locks. Also, if you don’t have that special friend, you can be creative. I placed a lock for my friend that lost her best friend in a tragic accident.

11.  Window shop Champs Elysees


Champs Elysees has many luxurious stores. If you are looking for something expensive, this is the place to be. However, it doesn’t hurt to look. I also ate a café and people watched, which proved to be incredibly entertaining.


12.  Climb the Arch de Triomphe


This give you a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower, and it doesn’t take long. It is a perfect place to watch the sunset!

13.  Eat a Macaroon from Laduree


These are the best macaroons around. I recommend getting a 6 sample box and getting at least one that you wouldn’t typically eat. The best one is located on Champs Elysees, so you can kill two birds with one stone on this list.


14.  See a Moulin Rouge Show


This was out of my comfort zone. If you can spare the money to go to a show, I would recommend it. There is nudity, so be prepared for that. My favorite part was that talents during intermissions. There were three different talents: a guy juggling ping pong balls with his mouth, acrobatics, and a talking dog.


15.  Eat outside a café in Montparnasse


If you want to eat at a Parisian café that you could see in the movies, you are guaranteed to find one in this area of Paris. You can even live out the final scene of the movie Me Before You!


16.  Relax in a green chair in the Tuileries


If you want to sit outside on a nice day, please go to the Tuileries. The Tuileries are the garden of the Louvre, and neighbors to Café Angelina. This is perfect place to kick up your feet and read a good book. Don’t have a book? Sit back and relax and people watch. It is the type of place that good weather was made for.


17.  Palais Royal


This is the place of the black and white stumps. It’s a unique square that is known to photographers as a good place for portraiture. If you are an Audrey Hepburn fan, this made an appearance in the movie Charade.


18.  Walk the Seine River


Walking the Seine, you will find local artist and beautiful views. If you have seen the movie Funny Face, the walk made an appearance during the song, Bonjour Paris! If you are tight on time, I would recommend a boat tour, but if you want a scenic walk, take the path less travelled.

Other recommendations:

Want to do something less tourist-y? Try doing an escape room!

Into photography? Try the Henry Cartier Bresson museum!

This bucket list does not include things outside the city such as Versailles and Monet Garden

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